03 March, 2013

Vanishing Inferiority Complex And Self-Pity

How is the feeling of being inferior affects your daily living or makes you stressful in your life?

I find the feeling of being inferior uncomfortable and most especially it drains my energy. The important point to emphasize here is that it is NOT a healthy feeling. It can weaken the health if inferiority complex or self-pity continue.

Comparison is the beginning of having a feeling of being inferior. As I compare myself with others in a high social status, I feel ashamed of my self because I see my situation inferior.

Since I am sharing this topic to my readers who have the same issue as mine my question is: What can you do to get rid of the feeling of being inferior?
  • Focus on your asset. It is good to see what you do have than to see what you do not have that others have. Comparison sometimes brings bitterness.

  • Always hold your own value as you are. Other person cannot be you and you cannot be him. It is individual entity in each own value. Always have an eye to see yourself as valuable individual like anybody else.

However if your inferiority complex is like a deep emotional wound, there can be no enough logical reasoning to make you stop the feeling of being inferior. So recall your experiences of being inferior and process them one at a time in relaxation mood and visualization technique so that you can be free from this condition that charges low negative energy. You may use visualization method like "Healthy Visualization Technique for Relaxation" or you may use "Getting Relaxed Through Imagery of Positive Thought". Just read and do the above techniques first and apply them in getting rid of your inferiority complex and self-pity. If you are new to this exercise you may perform the basic method first like "How to Meditate Properly for Relaxation" or you may do "Free Guided Meditation" for fast guidance and learning. However it is advisable to read also the text on How to Meditate Properly as the basic guide.

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