10 March, 2013

Rising Above Loneliness

A low negative energy that pulls man's spirit down is loneliness. It happens when one experiences breakup, separation, or death of loved one. This is a common experience and yet if left untreated it can be deadly like what happened to my schoolmate's father. He died a month later after the death of his wife. That is the effect of too much loneliness.

Some people immediately feel the loneliness after a separation but others find it hard to notice in a few days or more. Maybe because they are in denial stage in order to escape the pain of being lonely. But as time passes by and as the situation becomes clearer the reality of loneliness emerges. Being lonely remains even if you deny it because your subconscious cannot deny it. It remains in there even if you divert your conscious self to other things. You may be laughing at tv program or at anything funny but after that you remain lonely. What is vital in attaining healing from loneliness is acceptance. Healing will not occur if you fail to undergo through the process of acceptance. And to accept, you need to set yourself in meditative relaxation; in inviting mood, in calm and pacing manner of reflection. In this way you become a friend again to your lonely self. In meditation you become an observer of your lonely self. You created an other self which helps to console, befriend and understand your lonely self. And from there you can rise above loneliness by beginning to accept it. It is important to accept it or else loneliness remains within. As you may have noticed other people around with constant lonely faces.

The point is learning to relax so to accept and embrace loneliness which liberates you from it. How to relax and meditate? I have discussed it in some of my previous articles. You can view Guided Meditation which is good for starters. But reading a text on how to it is a good guide too like How to Meditate Properly.

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