27 January, 2013

Getting Rid of Persistent Anxiety Through Core Reflection

What makes anxiety so annoying is its persistence in the mind. It keeps bothering you while doing something else which makes you out of focus. Unsettled issue is often the cause of this. But sometimes an issue is beyond control so the mind keeps on worrying. How to deal with this?

If you have read "Ultimate Relaxation for Extreme Anxiety," it is as effective as "Core Reflection" in getting rid of a persistent anxiety. If you are an atheist, this technique is an alternative for you. However for people who believe in an "Ultimate Being", both techniques are your advantage.

The Inner Core
The image below is what I do visualize as my inner core. I see this core as my very self. You may use the same image or you may create your own.

At this point you need to close your eyes. But be sure that you have familiarized the procedure below. Take note, read it calmly and in a relaxed manner so to incline your mood.

Here's how:
Move around your core. Check everything in it. Observe, take notice and watch. As you do the checking, take heed to the condition of your core; if it's tired, stressed, frightened or anxious. (Do this in 6 minutes or more.)

Stay calm and take a moderate breath as you observe your core. Be relaxed... Inhale the cool and fresh air. Inhale... Exhale... (As you do this you will recognize recovery of your core.)

You will notice a light feeling within. You feel that your core is gaining good health. Then there will be a smile on your face.

Enjoy the moment and feel it very intimately. Hold on to that until satisfied.

Once this session become successful, you live your day free from a persistent anxiety.

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