25 January, 2013

Resolve Blaming And Complaining For Healing And Good Health

"You are barking at the wrong tree." It is a comment we heard from people for those who made a mistake in their action. Complain is good at the right people and at the right time. But if you complain and blame on what is beyond change, it is useless, waste of energy, heartbreaking, and most of all ill-forming.

You know how bad it is to feel when you blame and complain.
How you wish that the past did not happen that way. How you wish that those people involved had not made a wrong decision. It keeps coming back everytime you face difficulty and similar situation in your life. And naturally, the body is not happy which is not good for health even if the situation is changeable.

When you blame and complain on unchangeable or irreversible past there is no reward you can get from it but headache, heartache and illness. So might as well stop the blaming and complaining by changing your state of mind. Learn to leave it behind. Learn to accept your new self with positive view and vitality through meditation and visualization as discussed in related articles.

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