22 January, 2013

Which is the Best Medicine: Laughter or Joy

I read somewhere that a child has approximately 499 laughs a day. If an adult person could laugh like a child does, sickness would be far to occur if we base it on the famous quote, "Laughter is the best medicine."

It is a fact that laughter helps the body to relax. So everyday I schedule myself to a funny tv show, to make sure that I can make many laughs in a day. But after a show laughter stops. I find it temporary.

I cannot equate laughter with joy. It seems that they are closely related but actually they are different.

Joy in the heart is another thing. Like the joy of staring a baby's face, the joy of being in the presence of your loved ones. The joy of being helped and also to help others.

Joy endures. It radiates. It dwells. It makes the body relaxed and healthy. The more you have joy, the more your body becomes stress-free.

Thus I prefer to conclude that the famous quote "Laughter is the best medicine" becomes "Joy in heart is the best medicine."

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